Referral Criteria & Process


Trinity House works closely with Community Mental Health Teams and other professionals working in local hospitals with specialised units, to effect a discharge into our service. Please our ‘ELIGIBILITY & ADMISSIONS CRITERIA’ for information required in addition to a completed ‘REFERRAL FORM’.

Once this is received, we will arrange to jointly assess the service user’s needs. If the service user fits our criteria, the service user will be invited to visit the proposed home to meet the staff and other residents and to view their accommodation. Once the service user has agreed to move into one of our homes, and we have provided costing and referring agents have agreed the funding, we will arrange their move accordingly.

We will provide prospective residents with as much information as possible about the home, to help them make a decision about whether or not they want to live here. We offer the opportunity for a prospective resident to visit the home, join current residents for a meal and move in on a trial basis.

We are happy for a prospective resident to involve their friends, family or other representatives in seeing the home and the care and facilities we can provide before making the final decision about admission.

For further information please Email us at