About Us

Trinity-House-FrontalAt Trinity House Hendon, (established in 2007) we specialise in the provision of high quality psychiatric residential care for vulnerable adults with enduring mental illness, individuals recovering from substance and alcohol misuse, learning disability and other complex needs. We also provide supported accommodations in the community for service users who are ready to live independently or with support. We aim to provide the highest quality of care. To do this we give priority to a number of areas relating to the operation of the home and the services we provide.

As we all know, a lot of different factors contribute to the increasing rise in mental illness ranging from relationship/family breakdown, decline in social support networks and illicit substance use amongst other factors.

Our holistic approach and philosophy of honesty, respect, clear guidance and genuine care which we put into practice daily, makes us unique from other service providers. Specifically, the services we offer through qualified and experienced staff cover 24 hours a day and varied hours within our Supported Accommodations.

The primary objectives of Trinity House is to support people discharged from psychiatric hospitals, medium secure units or special hospitals [with or without FORENSIC history] to live independently and/or with a measured level of support in the community, and to maximise their potential for normal risk taking whilst maintain a positive community presence. Whilst doing this, we ensure privacy, dignity, independence, choice, rights and fulfilment for our service users.

Our focus is to assist residents to make the successful transition from a hospital, medium secure or institutional environment into the community, enabling them to move into their own accommodation.