Our Charter


Our aims are:
• To provide the highest standard of quality care in pleasant and homely surroundings.
• Promote and monitor mental and physical well-being.
• Address and monitor issues around offending behaviour within a multi-agency approach to risk assessment and management within the community.
• Liaise and co-operate with appropriate agencies within the Care Programme Approach / Multi Agency Protection Panel.
• To enable residents manage their lives within the framework of the home and within the community, taking full responsibility for their actions.
• To enable residents participate in decision making.
• To enable residents and staff to work in partnership so that residents:
– Take increasing responsibility for their own lives.
– Assist and provide residents with the necessary personal, social, and life skills to enhance their quality of life.
– Develop a commitment to changing their lives and reaching their full potential.
– Avail themselves of training and opportunities in the community.
• To enable residents participate in assessments and reviews of their individual needs in association with a Key worker and to jointly negotiate care plans.
• To facilitate regular individual and group meetings with residents and staff about the running of the home.
• To provide regular staff support and supervision to maximise staff development and enable staff to meet the needs of the residents.
• Enhance community safety by working successfully on all of above.
• To prepare residents for Supported living (in the medium term) and Independent living (in the long term)
• To develop and expand our forensic services and grow our good reputation in this area of mental health.
• We will maintain our financial viability and robust organisation with a strong business ethos.