The primary criteria for admission relate to the appropriateness of the Home to cater for the individual’s rehabilitation needs within the framework of a ‘rehabilitation community’. Trinity House works in partnership with Community Mental Health Teams (CMHT), Social Services, Supporting People Organisations; Forensic Teams based in the community and hospitals to offer high quality residential care and supported living accommodations for vulnerable adults who are:

Aged between 18 – 65 with enduring mental illness, who may have a forensic history and may be subject to Sections of the Mental Health Act ’83 – S. 17A, 37/41Community Treatment Order.
Individuals recovering from substance / alcohol misuse and other complex needs
Individuals ready to be discharged from psychiatric wards or those not coping with Supported Living Accommodation.
Vulnerable adults living in the community in crisis
In need of respite care

We accept referrals from private referrals from GP’s, families and mental health services.

We offer an all ‘Encompassing Service’ – A complete care and support solution in the community covering a full range of services:

Intensive 1:1 , 2:1 support
Rehabilitation in the community
Respite Care
Outreach support & Floating Support
Counselling and therapeutic services
Supported and Independent living